The past couple days I have been working at a nearby golf course with my dad. Getting up at 5:40 and shoveling dirt for five to seven hours is NOT easy! I have been so exhausted! Luckily, Toby and Todd have been helping me out by playing with each other all the time and wearing themselves out so our walks are easier! It's hard to believe that a couple weeks ago these two could hardly get near each other without getting into trouble! They are playing together very nicely these days. Todd's crate training is making progress...slowly but surely. It is always much easier if he is worn out, but that is usually only at the end of the day. Now that the boys are getting along much better and Todd is house trained I usually don't have to put him in his kennel during the day. If I do it is because I am leaving and then I don't have to listen to him bark so it doesn't stress me out as much as it was. He has started barking a little when people knock or come in but since that is new I should be able to stop it before it gets too bad. Over all things are going great with the boys!


Attention Treasure Valley!

Anyone near Boise thinking about adding a dog to their family? Idaho Humane Society is having a "Fall in Love" adoption event tomorrow through Monday, Sept. 13. Dog adoption fees will be lowered to just 39.95! Their kennels are too full and all these (and so many more) dogs need loving homes! So if you have the room, money and love for a dog (or a foster dog), please consider the Idaho Humane Society! Plus a drawing will be held and one lucky new owner will get a three hundred dollar gift card to the IHS veterinary clinic!


Shout out for BSU!


Might have to get one of these for each of the boys! Ha ha, if I can find extra money for it! Toby would look amazing in Bronco Blue! That is one advantage to black fur, he looks gorgeous in just about any color :) we put him in one of our old BSU shirts for a little while today (mainly for a facebook picture) and he didn't mind wearing it around the house but he would need one made for dogs if we ever have a game party here!

Update on Todd: We noticed some blood in his urine and took him to the vet. They found a urinary tract infection and an ear infection. He has been on meds for a few days, he is going to the bathroom less (we had assumed that he had been marking everything not that he just had to go that often), and seems to have more energy (again we figured he was just lower energy). We don't know if he had the infections when he got here or what but it wasn't easy to spot the changes in a new dog, if there hadn't been blood we may not have noticed.
Once again I have to say I love Canidae! When Todd got here his fur was stiff and wiry. We switched him to Canidae when he got here (normally I would mix in the old food during a switch but he picked the Canidae out and left his old food) and almost all of his fur is already softer! In just over a week! Love it!


Busy busy busy!

If anyone out there is reading this blog on a regular basis, I apologize for not writing lately. With two very different dogs in the house now it has definitely been busy. I have had to watch Todd to make sure he doesn't mark any of the furniture, and I have to make sure Toby stays off of Todd! Not to mention extra walks! Todd had no crate training when he came to us and since he also wasn't house trained we couldn't leave him loose in the house for one second! So we had to put him in a crate, where he barks and barks and barks. The only way to avoid the barking is to walk him first to wear him out. In addition to the two before-meal-walks we went on before we are taking before church walks, before shopping walks, before bed walks and "April needs a break from constant dog surveillance" walks. Thankfully we are seeing some improvement! Todd only barked in his kennel a little today, and the boys actually played together, twice!! One of the games ended in a little argument but the fact that they actually played gave me hope! It is definitely a learning experience for all of us, the 40 pound, high energy dog, the 12 pound, low energy dog, and the 120 pound, now exhausted girl!